Class Line: Internationalist Communist Review welcomes contributions addressing questions of communist theory, method and program, and their application to the class struggle, whether in the form of exposition, analysis or polemic. We also welcome contributions outside of this specific category if the content or subject matter is in an area of special importance to our readers. All submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board according to its protocols. Manuscripts will be acknowledged on receipt.

Submissions should be saved and sent to us in a Microsoft Word-compatible format (.docx, .doc and .rtf are preferred) typed in a clearly legible font, double-spaced, with at least one-inch margins. Articles are expected to be between 3,000 and 10,000 words (though this is not a requirement), with an attached abstract of not more than 150 words. All citations should follow the author-date system, with limited use of endnotes for discursive matter, as specified in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the CL: ICR Publications Style Guide, which appears on this website. The Chicago Manual is the general guide on all other matters of style.

Unless otherwise arranged, original manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding that, upon acceptance for publication, the authors will accept application of our copyright to the article, with the authors retaining the right to include the submission in books under their authorship.

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